xprmnt vase set white KNITTED

A gift set consists of a base of your choice and three shapers, all presented in a beautiful gift-box.

The award winning flwr shpr vase design is a modular system of flower holders whose units could be combined and stacked to achieve the desired height. Inspired by the classic Dutch tulip, the vase set can – depending on the configuration created by the user - support a single flower, display a number of tulips individually (similar to some 18th century Dutch vases) or hold an entire bouquet or flower arrangement.

These ceramic vases are handcrafted with the use of our self-built 3D-clay printer. Each printed form maintains a specific handcrafted look which makes each form unique. The use of clay as raw material and the firing proces of clay leaves room for small imperfection and enhance this quality.

The inner side of the base is clear-gloss glazed, the outer side of the base and the shapers remains natural.


  • 1 base: Knitted texture
  • 3 shapers: Bottle, Cone and Tulip
  • Comes in a beautiful gift-box
  • Color: white.

Note: we produced it using grey clay and during firing process the color becomes light grey stone.


  • Vase base: diameter = ca.10 cm, height = ca.18 cm
  • Vase shaper: diameter vary from 10 cm to 18 cm, height is ca.15 cm

Please take note: the photo of the box shows black vases but this page represents the white vases.


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